Posted by: spencersteele | January 7, 2010

Hey Everybody!

Hey Guys and Girls,

Well if your reading this blog no doubt you know what my name already is. I can’t imagine using this for anything other than Tech 114 so thats what Im going to talk about. First of all I’m a Mechatronics Engineering student. This is my second year of university at SFU. Last year I was up at Burnaby campus, now I take classes at both Surrey and Burnaby. Courses I’m taking are Math 251 (calc 3), Ensc 182 (Mech Design), Tech 114, and Arch (100).

I work part time as a lifeguard/swim instructor in maple ridge where I live while co-running our family business, MRX Marine, with my dad. The business specializes in boatlifts and dock building. We do a lot of custom fabrication work.  I also enjoy working on my two vehicles (1971 MGB Roadster and a 1994 S10 Blazer).  Ill post some pictures up for all you engineering students, and arts students, you may appreciate my paint job on my MG. Anyways, Im hoping Ill get something out of this course besides blogging..But well see

Till next time,

Spencer Steele



  1. Hey Everybody

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