Posted by: spencersteele | January 11, 2010

1971 MGB Roadster Restoration

Heres my 1971 MGB Roadster I restored. Check it out!

1971 MGB Roadster

1971 MGB Roadster

Got it when I was turned 12,  started working on it, next thing you know it turned out the way it did.   Everything done was done by myself with the exception of the rebuilt SU carburators, tire mounting/balancing, umm thats all actually…

Interior is stock for the most part, found a used dashboard in great shape, the original dash had a big whole cut out in it to accomodate a cd player. I ended up putting one in also but in the correct spot for one I might add.

Inbetween 1970 and 1971 there was a split rear bumper option, a very rare option you don’t see very often, mine just happened to be one of them. The white roll bar I found in a friend of my dad’s garage…Go figure eh.. So I gave him a case of beer for it.  Unfortunately it was too rusted and pitted to chrome so I cleaned it up and painted it the same colour as the stripes. Now that its done I dont think I would choose to ever put a chromed one in.

I pulled the engine out, took it apart, cleaned it all up, put it back together again with my Grandpa, whos a retired AirCanada jet engine mechanic/inspector. All stock with aftermarket, era correct alloy valve cover. New wiring harness! Dont forget this if your ever touching an MGB. Couldve saved alot of time and headache if I bought that years ago.

Heres when I first got it in 2003, I was 12!

I thought I was so cool, had I known all the work I was in for…Check out that paint job, you can almost see one of the open holes in the rockers just above the rope!

Somewhere in the process of grinding away one of the 5 layers of different paint, bondo and various other stuff trapped in the multitude of paint jobs.

Heres the mess of an engine compartment.


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