Posted by: spencersteele | January 31, 2010

The Story of the Ford Bronco

In an age of newly bred cross over vehicles, saving fuel and looking cool doing it is what its all about. With all the hype about newer vehicles and the amazing advancements in technology we sometimes forget about our roots. It wasn’t too long ago that SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicle) were all the rage.  One of the forerunners of the SUV legend was the bucking Ford Bronco.

Introduced in 1966, the Ford Bronco was a totally new concept for Ford. Its first small SUV was an affordable source of  fun.  Intended to “compete primarilywith the Jeep CJ and the International Harvester Scout” (Wikipedia) it was small light wagon.  Sporting a 2.8 base engine, it sipped fuel and could take you anywhere you wanted to go. It featured a removable hard top, 4 speed manual transmission, off road suspension and solid front and rear axles. All Broncos ever produced came with standard 4×4 Low and High except for a few rare exceptions.

Eventually the Bronco model was updated for 1978 to compete with the much larger and powerful Chevy Blazer. It wasn’t until later that the Bronco II would be added to the line, bringing back the same features as the early bronco. The Bronco II was built to much lower standards then its ancestors and didn’t live up to its legendary name.

Now adays you can still see remnants of the mark the Ford Bronco left in the automotive world. Ford’s best selling Escape SUV features many idealistic traits of the Early Bronco.

In 2004 at the New York Auto Show, there was hopes of bringing the Ford Bronco back to the line up with a new concept. But it never made it back to the production line.



  1. That is awesome! Brings back memories of when I was a kid and we had a Bronco, such a fun vehicle.

    • Yeah I tried to quickly put up an short summary of broncos as I know them. But yeah I love the older body style, simple yet effective. Its too bad they wouldnt bring it back, considering how popular the new retro camaro, challenger, and mustangs have been. So I added you on Facebook as you no doubt probably noticed! Too bad you don’t still have that Bronco, youd be the only girl I know with one, haha.

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